Decoy Games: GAME ON! 2020 Limited Edition Print

Decoy Games: GAME ON! 2020 Limited Edition Print

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Celebrate these iconic comic & video game characters (Black Panther, X-men's Storm & FFVII's Barret Walace) with this exclusive, limited edition 11x17 print!

On February 21, 2020, the indie video game developer, DECOY GAMES held their GAME ON! event in which this piece was commissioned to commemorate the gathering of several Black creators in various fields of media and entertainment, including the VP of ESPORTS at the NFL, Emmy-winning violinist, Damien Escobar and many more artists, entertainers & influencers. It was more than an event, it was a movement! Capture the spirit of that inspirational moment in time with a signed copy of this exclusive print! LIMITED QUANTITY!

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Penciled by Chris Williams (Cdubbart)

Inked by Jake Isenberg

Colored by Jesse Heagy

Signed copy by Chris Williams (Cdubbart)