Warcorns #1 Full Metal Jacket Homage Variant

Warcorns #1 Full Metal Jacket Homage Variant

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From the creator of the "Franklin And Ghost" comic universe comes his craziest creation yet! WARCORNS: COMBAT UNICORNS FOR HIRE! 

Cover penciled by Chris Williams (Cdubbart)

Cover inked by Jeremy Clark

Cover colored by Mr. Pi

Signed copy by Chris Williams (Cdubbart)

Written & Created by Garrett Gunn

Interior Art by Kit Wallis 

Owned by Last Wolf Legion

Published by Source Point Press



The mission of Warcorns Division is to organize, equip, train, and validate forces to conduct full spectrum special operations in support of Pegasus Corps, Allied Universal Support Commanders, and other friendly government agencies.

Warcorns deploy and execute six distinct and multi-functional missions including unconventional warfare, direct action, counter-insurgency, special reconnaissance, counter terrorism, and security force assistance.

This book is a special edition variant cover with a very limited print run. Grab your signed collector's copy now before supplies run out!